well, it’s official. i got my first tattoo. AND I LOVE IT.

i’ve really wanted it for a long time, and i finally just said, ‘fuck it,’ and went and had it done. i’m really happy with how it turned out.

it’s interesting because i feel like it’s the first milestone in my new life. new life? that sounds too dramatic. instead of turning a page, or starting a new chapter, i’ve decided to burn the book and write a new one. and i like the way this one’s reading so far. and for those of you out there who know me, i bet you’re thinking, ‘it’s about fucking time, cait!’ tell me about it. i’m happy now, and that’s what i’m trying to focus on.

live for the moment. right?


i went to austin to visit some friends this weekend and had one of the best weekends i’ve ever had in that city. i stayed with cody (yep, cody.) and miguel. party animals.
the first night i had margarita night with bern (man, bern, i’ve really missed margarita nights) and got WASTED. i guess the 3 bottles of tequila and 1/2 bottle of everclear that they put in that tiny machine really does some damage! yep. i was drunk. happy drunk, too!
so i had every intention of following these wonderful margaritas with a smoke session with my good friend luigi, but i was indeed TOO DRUNK to get to his ‘casa del pot.’ shame. i miss him, too.
Alas, i returned to miguel and cody’s humble abode and, being as drunk as i was, i put on The Life Aquatic and passed out around 11:30.


‘caitlin, it’s colin! caitlin, wake up!’

what the fuck time was it? yea, 3:00 am. i thought so. and so the party began. EEEEVERYONE came over and we stayed up until 7:30 am, probably because of all the *sniff* drugs that were consumed. don’t worry. not me.

i forgot how badly i miss people. not just here, or there. but, like, everywhere. all over the world.

i guess it’s just nice to know that when you think the world sucks and everyone hates you that you’ll still have friends somewhere. there will always be at least one. and boy did i need some friends after this summer. i lost a lot of friends, well, the best ones, anyway.

things are looking up.


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